Database management system (DBMS)

The database is a combination of related data that helps in effective access, insertion, and deletion of data from the database and prepares the data in the form of tables, views, schemas etc. For Example, a company database organizes the data about employees, jobs, and admin staff, etc. which assists in effective access, insertion, deletion,…

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Top 3 Programming Languages learn to get a good job in 2020

We are going to discuss of top 3 programming languages that can help you in landing a good job in the industry. There exist more programming languages than the human language in the world. The need and prevalence of programming languages vary each year. Also, modern programming languages are arising from engaging characteristics. So, which programming…

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Monotonic Array | discussion and solution

An array is called a monotonic array if it is either monotone growing or monotone shrinking. In simple words, if your array is either in non-increasing order or nor-decreasing order then this type of array is called a monotonic array. Example: Algorithmic Definition An array A is monotone growing if for all i <= j, A[i] <= A[j]….

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Two Sum: Array interview question

Problem description Two sum : Given a vector of numbers vec and an integer target, return the pair of two numbers such that they add up to target value. Example 1 Example 2 Constraints 2 <= vec.size <= 105-109 <= vec.at(i) <= 109-109 <= target <= 109time complexity : O(n) Solution : we need an effective way to examine if the counterpart exists in the…